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General Pest Control Services In Alexandria, VA

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Ask About Our Quarterly and Annual Pest Control Programs

We offer two options for general pest control in Alexandria, VA. Our general pest control options cater to the needs of each individual customer and provide coverage for most common household pests, such as, mice, spiders, ants, crickets, bees, centipedes, flies roaches, etc.

Rats are included in general pest but have an initial fee. The exclusions to our program are termites, wildlife, mosquitos and bed bugs. We do provide services for these pests but they are outside of our general pest control and carry an additional fee.


How Does Each Plan Work?

Option One: Our Quarterly Maintenance Program. This program includes 4 scheduled visits a year (each quarter) with the ability for callbacks between services at no additional cost. During your initial visit your tech will perform an inspection around the entire home, identifying possible entry points, sealing those entry points, knocking down any spider webs or nests and providing an invisible barrier around your home to help shield it against pests. If rodents are an issue bait stations and traps will be installed. Any interior issues will also be addressed and treated accordingly.

We recommend everyone be on quarterly pest control as this is the best defense against pests. There are some pests where quarterly pest control is most appropriate and one time service in most cases is not going to be effective in resolving the issue and preventing future infestations. These pests are:

Option Two: One time service. This option should be considered when dealing with a single pest issue that can be easily resolved with one or two treatments. Removal of wasp or bees nest are a great example of when one time pest control is most appropriate. Our one time pest control comes with a 60 day warranty.