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Sometimes things do not go as smoothly or as perfectly as one would like. However, it is important to view an imperfect situation or outcome from the customer’s point of view. This will help us towards a solution that, may cost us in the short term, but may also bring us more benefits in the long term. A dissatisfied customer who believes and appreciates the efforts of an individual to bring about the best possible outcome, at their own expense, may spread good comments about that business.

Some superb examples of the kind of feedback that we should all strive to attract can be found in the Google reviews that Steve Duckson receives for Clearview Car Care.

Last week I was adding a new “widget” to Steve’s website which connects to Clearview’s Google Business Profile and displays up to date reviews directly on the website. Doing this gave me another opportunity to read some of the reviews.

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Mosquito biting Franconia VA

Here are some:

Excellent Professional Work! Steve and his wife are good people to deal with!! Fast, Friendly and Trusted Service!! I’m planning on becoming a return customer!!

We have taken our older cars here ever since we were recommended to use Clearview when we moved to the area 6 years ago. We have felt like the prices are fair and the owners are completely honest.

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