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Don’t spend another day with bed bugs in your home

Do We Have Bed Bugs?

If there is one pest that can make everybody squirm with discomfort, it’s Bed Bugs, and the thought they might have in their bedroom and home. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for Bed Bug Removal.

If you suspect that your home has a Bed Bug infestation, give us a call. We’ll come out to inspect your property and, if we confirm the presence of Bed Bugs, we will suggest a plan of action to remove them. We will also give you guidance on how to prvent them returning.

Bed Bug Removal - Is There A Bed Bugs DIY Method?

Bed Bug removal is an urgent need for anyone who wakes up with strange little bite marks. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to effectively treat bed bugs with DIY methods. A professional should be called as soon as possible to prevent the infestation from getting worse.

Bed bugs are intelligent, methodical, and extremely resilient. They can survive for many months without eating, so they can stay on furniture, bags and suitcases for long periods of time, waiting for their next meal.

They can survive in temperatures as extreme as 122 to nearly freezing. They hide in box springs and baseboards, mattress crevices, electrical switch plates, picture frames, even behind loose wallpaper.

After their human hosts go to sleep, the bed bugs come out to eat, attracted to the carbon dioxide we inhale.

Our Bed Bug Removal Package

Our Bed Bug Package consists of three treatments over a three week period.

The treatment requires some specific preparation by the homeowner/occupants. It is important that every step of the preparation is carried out correctly before our technician visits.

The instructions are laid out in our Bed Bug Treatment Prep Sheet, which you can access with the button below.

Our Bed Bug Removal Package is $585. Please contact us if you need any further information.

For reliable bed bug treatment in Frederick MD, contact our team.

Look Closely in Furniture Seams for Bed Bugs.

Look for bed bugs in furniture crevices

How to Identify Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bugs bite in groups of threes or fours, and can be found in close proximity or in straight rows. They are most likely to bite exposed parts of the body, such as arms, hands and back, abdomen, neck/face, and stomach.

Bed bug bites can be swollen and reddish, with a black center at their heads. Itchy bites can occur or they may not be felt at all. These bites can cause allergic reactions in some people, resulting in them looking more irritated.

Bed Bugs image

Where to look for Bed Bugs. Where do Bed Bugs live?

Quite simply, they are known as bed bugs, because they like to live in bedrooms, including mattresses, beds frames and bedframes. In fact anywhere they can find comfort and food.

Bed bugs only feed at night, because people lie still at night. Bed bugs can be attracted to skin that is exposed during sleep, so it is vital to note where you are getting bitten on your body.

It’s important to call a professional bedbug removal company for a thorough evaluation if you see bites on areas that are not usually covered by clothing while you sleep.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Generally, Bed Bugs can be found on your mattress. If your sheets are stained or have smears. These stains and smears are usually caused by bed bugs congregating in one area of a person’s mattress.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation your home, this is a good indicator.

These reddish stains may also indicate that bed bugs might have been crushed while you were asleep. To prevent further infestations in your home, it is important to be alert and check for these warning signs.

Bed Bug Removal
Look for Bed Bugs in bedding and mattresses