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Expert Pest Control in Alexandria & Fairfax County, Virginia

If you have a problem with pest infestation such as mice, rats, ants, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes or any other type of pest, Potomac Pest Control Services in Alexandria VA can remove and control them.

Our services include removing specific infestations, as well as annual pest control programs that manage a wide range of common pests found in the local area of Alexandria and Northern Virginia.

If you have a mice problem around your home or your business premises, Alexandria Pest Control Services can help you keep them away and prevent future infestations.

Alexandria Pest Control is here to keep your property pest-free. We are pest control experts, locally owned and operated, and will keep your property free from every type of common pest found in Virginia such as mice, rats, ants, termites, mosquitoes, yellow jackets, and more.

Pest Control Services In Northern Virginia

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Pest Control Services We Offer

Mosquito Bites in Fairfax County VA

Effective Mosquito Treatment Service

Call Potomac Pest Control to help do away with annoying mosquitoes and prevent them from spoiling Summer evenings outside on your deck or in your yard. These nasty parasites not only inflict long lasting painful and itchy bites, but can also carry diseases.

Mosquitoes are usually attracted to water any source that may be still or stagnant. However, they can also be attracted to well-maintained and clean water whether in shaded or sunny locations. It doesn’t even need to be a lot of water. Puddle of rainwater after a Summer shower can be enough to invite them.

It is believed that mosquitoes target people with Type O blood nearly twice as much as people with Type A blood. That said, who would want to hear that high pitched buzzing around their ears, no matter what blood type they are?

If mosquitoes are on your deck, they can often make their way inside your home and wait for bedtime when you’re asleep. Who can easily fall asleep once they’ve heard that unmistakable mosquito sound?

Termite Control Services
in Alexandria & Fairfax County, Virginia

Although many home-owners attempt to tackle the problem of pest infestations themselves, very often they find that it is a never-ending job because they are not familiar with where the source of the infestation is likely to be or what is attracting the pests to the home.

We at Potomac Pest Control have many years of experience, and can honestly state that we have seen it all before.

On our first visit, we will inspect your property to:

  • a) identify the pest or pests in question.
  • b) determine how they are impacting your property and the enjoyment of your home.
  • c) how they are entering your home i.e. where the entry points are.
Termite damage in Northern Virginia

Rodent Control and Extermination in Alexandria and Fairfax County, VA

Mice Control Service

Alexandria Mice Control

How are the ants or mice getting into your property? Where is their nest or nests? What is attracting them to your property? Do they want to get into your home because it’s Winter, and are they’re seeking warmth (protection from the elements) or food?

Are there unsealed gaps in the exterior brickwork or siding around pipes where a rat or a mouse can squeeze through?

Did you know that a rat can squeeze through a gap just half an inch deep?

Do they want to get into your home because there is easy access to food sources? Are there traces of cat food or dog food that they can get to? Are there sugar spills on the kitchen countertops or floor etc.?

Rat Removal Fairfax VA

By having a professional Pest control expert walk with you around your property, you will learn so much about how the problem is likely to have come about. You will also learn some simple things that can be done to fix the problem as well as how to limit the chances of the problem continuing or reoccurring.

Of course, one simple treatment is often unlikely to resolve the issue permanently, because new nests can become established, but at least we can tackle the immediate problem and then structure a plan to keep the pests at bay.

Did you know rats can build nests inside your vehicle?

They can be attracted by the warmth of a car engine and the material used to coat electrical wiring. Once they climb aboard, they can often cause thousands of dollars of damage by chewing the insulation and plastic coating off cabling in and around the engine and behind the dashboard.

Rats nest in car engine in Fairfax VA
Rats Nest In A Car Engine
Ants attracted to food
Rats Nest In A Car Engine

Ant Treatment Service in Fairfax County

There are many types of ants you may encounter around your Virginia home. No matter how large the infestation is, these three species are most disliked by our clients.

The little black ants are also known as sugar bugs. Although they can be active throughout the year, they are most active in spring or summer. These ants can be the most difficult to eliminate.

Large black ants can nest in wood and cause structural damage. Sprinkled sightings indoors of large black ants can be a sign that they are active at night.

Carpenter ants are rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance. These ants are small and brown in color and can cause ant hills on walkways, patios and in yards.

They rarely make nests inside, but they can cause lawn damage, disrupt landscaping and create unsightly nests in brick or pavers.

Our ant control services is the best at keeping ants away from your home.

When they enter your home, ants will seek shelter, food, or moisture. It is not uncommon for ants build nests under hardwood floors, in walls or in second-story bathrooms.

Sometimes the nest can be difficult to reach. Our pest control professional may recommend a more complicated solution, which might include using specialized baits inside your home and outside spray treatments.

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!A Dollar a Day Keeps The Pests Away!

We’ll customize our approach to best meet the needs of your property and situation. You can opt for:
Our services are thorough and affordable, so don’t hesitate to seek help. Reach out to us today to get a free pest control estimate.

The annual service is called our dollar a day program.

This includes four scheduled visits a year and the ability for callbacks between services if issues should appear at no additional cost.

The plan provides year round coverage for most common house hold pests with the exclusion of termites, bed bugs, wildlife and mosquitos/gnats/ticks.

Why choose Alexandria Pest & Termite Control?

Professional pest control services are much more effective than store-bought solutions. Only a pest management professional can provide the expertise and industry-grade products needed to ensure your property is completely cleared. We’re the smart choice for a pest control company because:

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